Do You Remember The First Time? – November 17th 2008

What better feeling is there than that first moment you put on a new record? The buzz of needle on vinyl, the anticipation of fresh sounds that will fill your head for the next hour; spine tingling moments when melodies hit and you verge on breaking down in tears. Ok, it doesn’t quite compare to the first time you get a new partner naked…but it’s pretty damn close.

My first experience of that euphoria (via music not nudity) came with the satisfying clunk of inserting a tape of ’Nevermind’ into my ghetto blaster at the age of 15. With fascination for gangsta rap and the folks’ old 45s long gone fresh excitement emerged via Faith No More, Soundgarden and Dinosaur Jr, but only with Nirvana’s sophomore effort came the realisation of just how much hold music would have over my life.

From that day on I was hooked on a constant quest to relive that moment. It happens every few years or so, the laddish brit-rock of ’Definitely Maybe’ had me swaggering, the incomparable genius of ‘Relationship Of Command’ brought  enlightenment, the assault of ‘Visqueen’ literally made my jaw drop whilst ‘Lapalco’ re-affirmed my belief in the simple power of songs. I felt dirty but elated when first listening to ‘Gentlemen’, wanted to form a band after hearing ‘Let’s Stay Friends’ and started to believe there was a god when hearing ‘Chutes Too Narrow’. Sublime reference points in my musical education that have stood out above all others like Obama’s crushing of the Republicans at the US elections. Unforgettable.

2009 will be no different. Dinosaur Pile-Up and Kong are two new bands that already have me salivating whilst new albums from Franz Ferdinand, Eagles Of Death Metal andThe Von Bondies may provide that thrill I got when first sticking on ‘Nevermind’ all those years ago. And what other delights await me over the coming 12 months? I’m not a fortune teller so I haven’t got a clue but I tell you one thing, I can’t bloody wait to find out…….

So over to you, let me know what your first “defining moment” record was and what you’re looking forward to next year…..

Have a great week



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