Sometimes you gotta let those hard-to-reach chips go

I’ve written stuff for various other blogs and fanzines in the past. Here’s a selection of past musings:

To Do Or Not To Do It Yourself – April 27th 2011

Everybody’s Happy Nowadays?: The state of independent music in the 21st century – April 21st 2010

Raging For Xmas – December 15th 2009

Recordstore’s Rated & Slated #2 – November 11th 2009

Recordstore’s Rated & Slated – October 8th 2009

Dead Men Do Wear Plaid: An Essential Guide To Grunge – September 23rd 2009

I Am The Reformation – March 18th 2009

Sleeping With The NME – February 26th 2009

Never trust a major to do an indie’s job – February 14th 2009

Last night an ageing indie kid ruined my life – February 11th 2009

Every Loser Wins – November 21st 2008

Do You Remember The First Time? – November 17th 2008


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