Won’t Get Fooled Again – Now Constitutional Change Must Happen

So, it’s been a great day for democracy with an exceptional turnout at the polling booths which just goes to show, if you give people a clear choice they will engage with the issues. I’m not happy with the result but I respect the views of the people who live in Scotland that voted. Will Scotland now get the extra powers they’ve been promised? Considering those promises were made by three habitual liars I very much doubt it. Will we see constitutional change in the rest of the UK? Considering that the establishment won again last night and our three main parties are pretty interchangeable, I doubt it.


BUT Scotland has proved that there is a big voice out there for change and come the general election next year the people of the UK can now unite to rid ourselves of the corrupt elites (without letting UKIP in). So if you want to see a 80-90% turnout for the General Election why not start looking for alternatives and engaging with as many people as possible about the choices that could really make a difference? My personal choice is to vote for The Green Party of England and Wales (I don’t agree with everything they stand for but overwhelming their policies are ones that I support as a humanitarian and believer in social equality) but there are countless parties out there that you should read up on. My friend Daniel Sutton-Johanson is involved with the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition for example who are well worth taking notice of.


In addition steer clear of the mainstream press (especially anything owned by Murdoch) and try to take notice of independent political commentators. My personal favourites are Another Angry Voice and Owen Jones (he may write for The Guardian but he’s pretty independent with his thoughts) and although you may not like him (and I disagree with his statements about not voting) Russell Brand also comes up with some astonishingly insightful monologues about the current issues. You should also read Noam Chomsky who, although a specialist in US politics (particularly their role in the Middle East), will open your eyes to how the world is currently run and what we can do to stop it (his insights on what happens to countries that go it alone and stand up against neo-liberalism/capitalism are scary – I don’t think England would have reacted in quite the same way if Scotland had voted YES but things could’ve got quite nasty).


I wish I had been more politically engaged as a younger man, I wish I’d never voted for the Lib Dems or Labour in the past (I never voted Tory) and I fully expect some NO voters to regret their decision in the future. But all we can do as human beings is support each other as we aim to have a government who works for its people and not the other way around.


Happy Freedom Friday everyone…



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  1. lession says:

    Hey. Have a sit down and watch all of this. X

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