REVIEW: Death Pedals – The Carvery (Triple Jump / Rip This Joint Records)


Ripping hipsterville a spanking new arsehole through the shit-kicking combination of stabbing riffs, hardcore rhythms and more fuzzy yelps than feeding time in a hyena cage, East London’s Death Pedals are a filthy rock’n’roll beast gagging to fulfil all your fucked-up dreams with ferocious tunes and penetrative swagger.

‘The Carvery’, 9 songs, 25 minutes epitomises the phrase ‘job done’. No wastage, only a blistering aural onslaught crafted to soundtrack amphetamine fuelled binges and late night dust-ups for the next 12 months.

It’s punk’n’roll, Hot Snakes with swollen balls, ‘Raw Power’ played at 45rpm. They wear their influences on their frayed sleeves, but the ruthless results of this union are cantankerous reimagining not slavish homage.

“Pleased to meet you” they call out on the sublimely chaotic ‘Julie Kane’….but really lads the pleasure is all ours.


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