Olympic Legacy….A Closing Thought

I sincerely hope that all this contagious “Olympic Spirit” that is being generated on a daily basis leads to a long term legacy of change in this county. I hope the disproportionate amount of obese people in the UK will be inspired to get exercise, get fit and lead long and healthy lives. I hope funding will be made in education to not only increase the amount of future athletes drawn from non-privileged backgrounds, but also improve our schools on EVERY level so that EVERY child can be educated to the same standard. I hope Danny Boyle’s nod to nurses in the Opening Ceremony will highlight the very real need to STOP cuts and increase funding in our National Health Service so that care for the vast majority of people in Britain who can’t afford private healthcare is to the highest standard possible. I hope Mo Farah’s wins will help dissolve people’s right-wing perceptions on immigration. I hope that the hyperbolic feelings of team spirit that are plastered across the media bring about true equality between sexes, sexualities, religions and races. I hope the refusal of many athletes to sing ‘God Save The Queen’ will open debate about the need for a Monarchy and highlight the need for a change of anthem (‘All Together Now” by The Farm anyone?). I hope our triumphs in cycling will lead to improved safety for bike riders in our cities. I hope our Olympian “national treasures” are zip-lined into trouble spots around the world to bring about peace. I hope Jessica Ennis’ abs can find a cure for Cancer AND HIV, I hope Bradley Wiggin’s inspires a nation of teenagers to quit with the bum fluff ‘taches and grow mutton chops like Dickensian aristocrats…in reality though, I fear the only legacy of 2012 we’ll be left with is Boris as our next Prime Minister…and if that happens we’re all fucked….


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